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Our clients are Chicago-area law firms and corporate legal departments. We place licensed Attorneys and law school students and graduates, as well as other support professionals, including:

  • Licensed Attorneys
  • Paralegals
  • Law Clerks
  • Docket Clerks
  • Law Firm Marketers
  • Administrative Support Professionals

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Our clients enjoy working with us

"Thank you again for the excellent contractor James. Our Chicago office and the firm abroad could not have been more pleased with his attention to detail and efficient work on the very important project. It worked out better than expected and I am pleased that my urging of going this route was so well received. We already miss James at the office - I hope some of us will keep in touch with him as he is a bright individual and a joy to be with."

~ Kristina

"Hi Nancy, as I told Curtis when we spoke late last week, you and Curtis are the best! We so appreciate your willingness to help us (not-for profit organization whose work includes prevention, policy reform, community engagement, and legal services) and to quickly shift gears once the conflict was identified makes a huge difference to a small organization, like us. Thanks again for all of your tremendous support of improving access to justice in our community."

~ Dina

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If you are a hiring contact in a Chicago area law firm or corporate legal department, e-mail a request to Curtis Linder and you will receive In The Queue, our twice monthly candidate availability announcement/e-newsletter.

Our Credentials

  • Illinois Search & Staffing Association
  • International Paralegal Management Association
  • American Staffing Association
  • Illinois Paralegal Association
  • Illinois Paralegal Association
  • Illinois Search & Staffing Association
  • International Paralegal Management Association

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