Our Accolades

What our clients have said:

"Curtis, I've heard the best things about you and your firm.  Thank you for placing Emily, Kayla, Brooke, Ryan, and the others on our [law firm’s] marketing team.  I am thrilled to celebrate Emily's 'official' first day as our employee today!  She’s been an ideal temp.  All the best!"

~ Megan

"Curtis, we appreciate having Linda with us on assignment. She is so knowledgeable and easy to work with. We would like to extend her assignment through October. She will continue reviewing contracts and working with our administrative assistant placing our contracts into our new contract management system. We are developing another possible project for Linda after that. Regards, Ann – in-house attorney, for contracts management, at large professional association"

~ Ann

"Hi Curtis and Nancy, Thank you for helping us out again. As you know, today is Angelika’s last day on her temp assignment with us. She was an enormous help to us. We really enjoyed working with her, she did a great job. We would highly recommend her to other Linder clients and are happy to serve as a reference for her. Thanks again for everything you do for us."

~ Dina

"Hi Nancy, as I told Curtis when we spoke late last week, you and Curtis are the best! We so appreciate your willingness to help us (not-for profit organization whose work includes prevention, policy reform, community engagement, and legal services) and to quickly shift gears once the conflict was identified makes a huge difference to a small organization, like us. Thanks again for all of your tremendous support of improving access to justice in our community."

~ Dina

"Curtis, on behalf of (not-for profit organization whose work includes prevention, policy reform, community engagement, and legal services), I want to express intense gratitude to you for stepping in the way you did – it means so much to us, and it also means so much for our ability to get our work done for our clients. Thank you for finding Elena for us! We are so grateful. Your generosity is incredible. Thank you so much, and please let me know if we can do anything for you---I will of course be singing your praises."

~ Kathy

"Curtis, we would like to hire Jim (Linder contract lawyer). It has been such a pleasure working with your firm; things could not have worked out better! We've really enjoyed working with your firm and look forward to staying in touch with you. Thank you for all you have done. Thank you!"

~ Andrea (general counsel)

"Curtis, you are by far the best and most responsive recruiter with whom I've worked. I really appreciate all the extra attention."

~ Yasir

"Curtis, just a note to thank you for your personal efforts in allowing us (large Chicago law firm) to hire Ryan as an associate. You greatly helped this hire go through our administrative system. Continued success with your firm."

~ Richard (partner)

"Thank you again for the excellent contractor James. Our Chicago office and the firm abroad could not have been more pleased with his attention to detail and efficient work on the very important project. It worked out better than expected and I am pleased that my urging of going this route was so well received. We already miss James at the office - I hope some of us will keep in touch with him as he is a bright individual and a joy to be with."

~ Kristina

"Curtis, I wanted to thank you for being a great vendor and providing us with superior talent for our staffing needs. We are hiring Alysia - she did a superior job on her 8-month assignment. We will go to your firm in the future for our legal staffing needs. Thank you again."

~ Chris (general counsel)

What our candidates have said:

"Hi Curtis, Thank you for the kind words! I am really enjoying working at (large Chicago law firm) and I truly appreciate all the work you, Nancy and Kim have done to get me here. I have learned a great deal about the law firm marketing industry as well as the practice of law. I am really looking forward to becoming more involved with projects as my time here progresses. Your new office looks great. I love old buildings, especially ones that keep to the original architecture and look. Looking forward to hearing from you."

~ Jessica

"Curtis, I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the enormous amount of effort and dedication that you have put forth in working with me. Having you assist me in progressing my career as a legal professional has been highly valuable and greatly appreciated. In fact, it was you who really started my career. I recall that less than five minutes passed from the time I wrote to you regarding my situation and commencement of job searching activities to receiving a response from you. The cold world of job searching made me feel as though I was just a number, but the personal attention provided by Linder Legal Staffing was so meaningful. I wanted you to know, last Friday, I accepted a paralegal position at [Linder client] and am excited and thankful for the opportunity."

~ Megan

"I greatly enjoyed working with Curtis and recommend his services for those looking for a career in the legal industry. He is personable, dedicated, caring, and passionate about what he does. I appreciate the time and energy he put forth in my career"

~ Elizabeth

"Curtis: I am sure Michael [hiring partner] already filled you in, but I am starting on Tuesday at his law firm.  I am so grateful for this opportunity you arranged.  I just wanted to take one more opportunity to thank you for this excellent placement.  I'm so glad I walked into your office that day and not a week later.  I am most grateful for your efforts.  I enjoyed our interaction and your kind words over the phone in setting up my interview.  I will not hesitate to recommend you if I hear that any of my peers from law school are looking for placement. All the best, Ted"

~ Ted

"Curtis, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity that you lined up for me to temp in the marketing department of [top Chicago law firm] - and to have met you and your team at Linder Legal Staffing.  Thank you for this assignment – and to have just received my first direct-hire offer in my field!  I am forever grateful to and highly recommend your wonderful service to anyone interested in legal marketing.  Kind Regards!"

~ Emily

"Curtis and Nancy, thank you very much for the kind words; it's been such a great opportunity to work in the marketing department of [top Chicago law firm].  I could not have done it without Linder Legal Staffing! You have a great company that deserves recognition and I will highly recommend whenever the opportunity arises."

~ Isabela

"I'm the one that should be thanking you, Curtis! You were incredibly quick in placing me with [Chicago law firm]. Additionally, your office was great with all the logistics, including paychecks. I will highly recommend your firm to any attorneys looking for work. Thanks again."

~ Allan

"I was recently hired as a Conflicts Analyst at [top Chicago law firm].  Thank you so much for all that you have done for me.  My experience on a Linder contract assignment at [top Chicago law firm] definitely helped me land this new opportunity and I have you to thank for that.  It has been a pleasure working for you.  Thank you again for all that you have done for me and for your support."

~ Sophia

"Curtis, I want to thank you and your team for diligently working to find me two law department assignments over the last year.  Your team is great and I greatly appreciate the personal attention I received!  I look forward to our paths crossing in the future."

~ Maureen

"Hi Curtis, I just found out I passed the Illinois Bar exam. My Linder assignment will end early next month, when the person I am replacing returns from maternity leave. I am SO grateful for your work on my behalf to secure this contract assignment and would love to look for something transactional/corporate. Thanks again."

~ Maggie

"Curtis, I just opened the card you delivered. I almost cried. I've never in my life worked anywhere where I've gotten a "bonus" and I certainly didn't expect it from a "temp" job. You guys are truly special! Thank you so, so much. "

~ Mimi

"Dear Team Linder, attached is my last timesheet. As you know, I am moving on to a direct-hire position at a top Chicago law firm. The skills and experience I gained on my Linder assignment at [corporate law department] helped land my new job. You all have been so helpful and gracious. Thank you Curtis for stopping in to see me and for staying in touch throughout my assignment this year."

~ Carmen

"Curtis, I want to thank you for passing along this opportunity to me at (Law Firm). I dove right in and really enjoy working with my team. This firm is great! I am very fortune to have crossed paths with you almost a year ago, I have come so far with your guidance. I hope you, Nancy, and Kim are doing well."

~ Lisa

"Dear Curtis, Thank you so much for all your help with my job search! You were an excellent resource in navigating the Chicago job market. You were so proactive and excellent with following up, keeping me informed of your progress every step of the way. You were also very understanding when my grandmother passed away, that meant a lot to me and I couldn’t ask for a better experience with a recruiter. Your passion for your work shows, and I will absolutely recommend you to anyone I meet searching for a job in the legal field. I will remember to turn to you again in the future when I finish law school! Thank you so much again for finding the perfect opportunity for me. It was wonderful working with you! "

~ Kaitlyn

"Hi Curtis, I just wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for all you have done to further my legal career, and also thank you for the thoughtful lunch gathering you arranged. I know I can speak for everyone attending that it was a wonderful afternoon with great company. Thank you again! I cannot express the gratitude I have for you setting things in motion with (financial institution). It has been a wonderful fit for me, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity, and now the full time position. I hope you and Nancy have a wonderful Holiday season, and I hope to stay in touch! Thank you again! "

~ Brooke

"Thank you very much, Curtis. I appreciate the fact that but for you I would not have known about the in-house counsel opportunity at (Chicago bank). I am very fortunate you passed the job opening to me for consideration. I absolutely love working here and for (General Counsel) and consider myself extremely lucky as not everyone can say they love their job and their boss."

~ Frank

"Hi Curtis, I just got your voicemail and wanted to say thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I really enjoyed my time working at (top Chicago law firm). It was also a pleasure meeting and working with you, Kim, and Nancy. You helped me land my first post-grad job and I'll be forever thankful because it gave me the experience I needed to move forward in my career. Thanks again and have a great weekend!"

~ Jessica

"Thank you so much Curtis. My contract lawyer assignment has been terrific. I am so thrilled to have received an offer from (Linder client - boutique Chicago ligation law firm). You and Nancy have been so wonderful to work with – I can’t thank Linder Legal Staffing enough!"

~ Connie

"Hi Curtis, as you already know, the job I was referring to was a part-time position at (Linder Client). Now that it’s official, I wanted to say thank you for opening the doors to this opportunity; I don't think it would have been possible without that initial temp position through Linder Legal Staffing. I am so grateful for your help, and Kim's!"

~ Angelika

"Thank you so much Curtis. I appreciate your efforts getting me an assignment in the marketing department of (top Chicago law firm) and I am thrilled that your client is hiring me! I am so thankful for all of your help and am excited to embark on this new journey! Thank you Linder Legal Staffing!"

~ Brooke

"Curtis, I wanted to let you know I accepted the Asbestos Litigation Docket Clerk position at (top Chicago law firm). My Linder contract assignment here was instrumental in landing this job offer. Thank you again so much for everything you and Linder Legal Staffing has done for me over these past 9 months. I greatly appreciate it, and I won't be able to recommend Linder highly enough. I'll be in touch soon with more details. Also, when I email my career advising (law school) office to let them know about my new position, I'll be putting a strong recommendation in for LLS. From the student/new law graduate end, the legal job market seemed impenetrable and overwhelming. The work you do has changed that. I can't thank you enough."

~ Joe

"Hi Curtis, Monday I begin my direct-hire position at (top Chicago law firm). I just wanted to thank you, Nancy and Kim for all your help. I feel really fortunate to have found work so soon after graduation with such a great company. Couldn't have done it without you guys! Thanks for helping me get my career started!"

~ Ryan

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